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Michael McGarrity

A book that Publisher's Weekly called "One of the best novels of 1996....McGarrity delivers atmosphere, action, romance and prime satisfaction".

From the cover: "Wounded in a gunfight, Kevin Kerney, ex-Santa Fe chief of detectives, is drawn back into action when his former partner, Navajo Terry Yazzi, asks him to find his son, Sammy, a soldier reported missing from the high-security White Sands Missile Range. As Sammy's trail spirals into a web of murder, treason and the theft of priceless artifacts, Kerney joins forces with Captain Sara Brannon, a fiery young army officer as formidable as she is attractive. Together they must go up against an international smuggling kingpin-leading up to a final confrontation in which, both wounded and at risk, they must fight for their lives anf for each other against opponents who hold all the cards." Paperback, 304 pages.

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